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-Incall Only-

A Delicious Full Body Massage with Hot Oils to Relax the Skin,
and Aromatheraphy to Seduce the Senses.

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Notice: I am NO Longer seeing NEW clients from this SITE as I am NOT actively Advertising this site also.
IF WE HAVE MET BEFORE, please be ready to answer a few screening questions to insure we have met in the past.
BUT TO ALL OTHERS, I cannot be booked from this site.
Sorry for any inconvenience, Taj XX

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~ Please Read ~

When you Arrive, you will be warmly welcomed.
Your donation is your way of thanking me...
and I receive it Gratefully and with Sincerity of heart
and I trust that you Feel the same when we meet.
Any Non-monetary gifts (i.e. Food/ Wine/ Toys/ Outfits)
nicely contributes to our experience together
and the Beautiful ambiance I have created especially for your ENJOYMENT.
The donation for exquisite hands-on healing, teaching and Hassle free Sensuality is as follows:

♥ Body Melt= 1 hrs.
(Massage, "Hands" on Healing & Rejuvenation)

♥ Body Melt and Mixer= 1 hrs.
(Massage Healing & Sacred Kiss)

♥ Body Melt and Therapy= 1 1/2 hrs.
(Massage & Indulgences in Mutual Enlightenment)

♥ Sincere Attention & Physical Bliss..."Priceless!"

Phone Courtesy is a Must,
Please be a Gentleman!

Call Me Now and let us further Embrace Blissful Promiscuity
(310) 281-69four9 press '9' to review message.
Voice Mail only. Sorry, NO TEXT MESSAGES!

Tajae Provides Only the very best
her Clients...

Imported BEER, free flowing WINE

Shower available
before and/or after Session.
Plus individual use toiletries like mini soap,
mouthwash and shampoo for your
comfort and convenience.

♥ F.Y.I. Because of the extras mentioned
above most sessions run slightly above the hour mark.

Please click "Legal" link at bottom of each page for
compliances. I understand that our meeting is for legal
Companionship/Networking purposes ONLY between like adults.

A Session with Me...
is a Truly Unique and Cherished Experience.
I love waking up the Body...
and Letting the senses come to life!
Naturally, I enjoy pleasing Others...
and my Massage is Designed for your Indulgence.
I would like you to try and RELAX.....
And 'let me take control' for a while.

As the candle flicker illuminates the room...
I will incorporate my own scintillating techniques.
Breath in the Sweet Smell of Incense...
as I knead Hot Oil into your troubled spots.
With the now heightened Sensation,
you may find yourself slowly slipping away...
But I promise to continue the Massage,
even if you may fall Asleep. *smile*

Sensual Massage is Very Intimate...
and Intimacy involves the Body and Mind.
Head-to-toe, my massage is sure to satisfy you...
and Wrap you up in its Delight.

If youre a person who appreciates
the therapeutic benefits of a professional massage,
but also desire a more sensual and loving touch...
*** then Im the girl for you!! ***

Tajae enjoys being Single,
and having her own Independence.
She is Youthful, Attractive...
Curvy but Fit. Very Sensuous,
with baby soft skin.
Still very curious about the world,
her eyes are piercingly ,
big and brown.
Shapely bottom,
Her legs kept smooth ...
With a 38D cup... firm and round.

Having fascinating travels throughout
the United States, her next
adventure is Foreign Soil.
She's quite engaging in conversation,
and is comfortable in any social setting.

She considers herself to be Optimistic,
Kind Hearted, Open Minded...and a Free Spirit.
Others may view her as Enchanting...
yet Down to Earth , and very approachable.
Recently completing her advanced education,
She now holds a Degree...
- and is at her Best!

Tajae seems surprisingly wise for her years.
And her intelligence ,
complements her extrovert demeanor.

She has many hobbies including:
Writing Erotic Stories to foreign films.
Cooking for Guests and Composing Music.
And On occasion, the 'unpolished' Socialite..
Orchestrating upscale uninhibited events!

I hope you take the timeout,
and have the Pleasure,
of personally getting to know Tajae ...

A truly Rare and Succulent Treat!
Designed to ' Feel '
as well as Eat ! ;)

♥ F.A.Q's ♥

Q: When are you Available? How will I know when you are Hosting?
A: I am now available daily!
I cater to Same Day and/or Pre Arranged Appointments. ( So just Call! )
Also, if you like you can fill out my Appointment form below, tell me more about yourself
and provide me with a Discrete E-mail address
and I'll shoot you an email with specials, fun stuff... and just to remind you to make time for playtime!

"All work and no play will make you a dull boy! :-)"

Q: Do you only give Massage or do you offer more?
A: If you really have to ask, (which a couple still do...)
Please do not contact me as I prefer to spend my time with Intellectual Adults.
But if you know whats good for you,
youll find that my massage is Unique and Genuine from all the Rest.
Every detail, from my Relaxed and Subdued atmosphere cleaned and refreshed for each Appointment,
to each candle being lit and the Drinks & Wine already chilled are all Nicely set up before your Arrival.
All the way to down to my freshly showered Kissably soft skin and Sexy Outfit
are all to pleasantly stimulate your senses for you to Enjoy!

On Second thought, its fair to say that an Experience with me is definitely more than just a Massage
as my goal is to Delightfully help you Escape to Another World!

Q: How Much of a Donation should I bring?
A: All donations above are suggestions only as a Donation is never a set amount.
Bring what you like... and yes, tips are accepted!
I would Guestimate it like this:
A night on the Town...( + )
a Hot Chick...( + )
"Added Expectations" ( = )
Proof that a session w/ me is more Bang for your Buck!
More Entertaining...So call me First!
~Plus im always flexible with Regulars~

Q: Do you Enjoy what you do?
A: Immensely, as "Im only into this to Enjoy!"

Q: Do you do Outcall?
(Pretty, Pretty, Please...)
A: No, Not under any circumstances!!!
Sorry, Dont even ask!"

Q: Anything else I should know Tajae?
A: Ive heard the "Provider Horror Stories" and I truly believe that
Im one of the best providers around.
Having the same Name and Phone Number since I started should show my Good Intentions
as I strive to keep my clients happy for just an Evening to many Years!
Most of my clients and myself quickly interact
like Good Friends and Passionate Lovers of life...
Enjoying our Session together,
and afterward, everyone is left feeling very Satisfied!

Outside of hosting and playtime I try to keep life as balanced as possible,
Absolutely D&D free and indulge in a zero red meat/pork diet and am about 45% vegetarian.
(Don't worry guys, still LOOVVEE Man Meat! LoL;-)

Very easy to get along with...
Naturally Caring and Kind person,
Great since of humor but always still a very Naughty Girl...
Lots of Fun...

Try Me!! ;)




My goal is make your body feel better!
I'm 26 years old and have been practicing Massage since I was 17.
I'm still very excited about Massage, and the Industry has been good to me.
I basically work freelance, and focus mostly on Relaxation and Aromatherapy.
I've had training at The Santa Monica School Of Massage
where I mastered some of the best Hands on Techniques.
I've told by Many that my Touch is very Soothing.
My Hands stay pretty Hot too!

Soft Hands, Penetrating, with a Firm Healing Touch Grip!
And I take pride, in taking the time of learning each of my Clients.
I provide a Clean, Quiet, Safe and Pleasant environment.
Massage Table...and a Tranquil Candle Lit atmosphere will Surround us.
I have all the Oils, Lotion's, and Body Work Products we may need.
I also provide the little things like
Bottled Water, Fresh Fruit and Free Flowing Wine
as I strive to be the best hostess!

I am well educated, clean, ultra safe and Completely Open-minded
so we can talk about whatever you would like!
There is a Long Great history between the Client and the Masseuse.
Now and then, we all need to let go of our inhibitions and Enjoy ourselves!
Gentle in one area, and more pressure in the next?
I want you to feel open with me, so please... Don't Be Afraid To Ask!

I've always been very Intuitive,
and my Massage unites the Mental forces with the Physical. To began the gradual transition between
Therapeutic and Sensual. Your Age, Race and Body type doesn't matter. All I ask is that you have a Positive attitude,
and that we treat each other with Mutual Respect.
I'm here to MASSAGE, PAMPER and try to RELAX.
I Hope I have an Opportunity to nurture, and try to make you Feel Good!

"Massage Stimulates and Enlightens Our Unique Self that Grows from Inside"
like a Delicious Exotic Fruit...

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